Asterisk for Dummies


My company is looking at putting in our first VOIP system.

Here’s what we want to do. We want to use 6 POTS lines for our actual phone numbers. We will use ATAs to link the POTS lines to our Asterisk Server, we would like to use the CISCO SPA3102.

Some of these lines need to be separate, where Line 5 is only for Line 5, while other, Line 1-4, need to be where if someone calls Line 1 & it’s busy, then they will be automatically directed to Line 2 & so forth.

We already have asterisk server installed, with the web gui. It looks interesting. We like that model ATA, & we are replacing all our phones with CISCO VOIP phones.

The problem is we don’t have much experience with phone systems, we have people that know networking pretty well, but not phones. Does anyone have any suggestions on guides for beginners or anything like that?

All help is greatly appreciated.


I learned Asterisk by reading this Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, 2nd Edition e-book.

You are describing hunt service. In your example above, you want POTS lines 1-4 to be configured as a hunt group, and line 5 not to hunt. On POTS lines, hunting is implemented by the service provider. Order hunting service from the provider of your POTS lines – probably your local telephone company.