Asterisk for a small business

Hello, I own a small business and I alredy have a skype number and I call forward it to my cell phone. I’m trying prettyMay call center and I managed to create a small answering machine and forward the call. So basically when someone call prettymay answer (Hello thanks for calling xxx blah blah blah… please wait in line… music) after that my cell get the call and I can answer.
Since PrettyMay Call Center cost $350 I was told to use asterisk as a solution for what I need at a lower price… My question is, is it possible to do the same as Im doing now using asterisk? what do I need to get same result?

Asterisk can do more or less anything you need. In your case you need an Asterisk professional to set everything up for you. Another option is that you play arround with some distributions like Trixbox, Elastics, PBX In a Flash, etc. that include Asterisk and GUI.