Asterisk Firewall - Blocking SIP

When I installed asterisk from the AsteriskNow x86 disc I chose to have the firewall turned on. Problem is, now I’m reasonably sure that it is not configured to allow SIP transactions and I can seem to find where the config file is.

More background information,
This is a fresh install of AsteriskNow and the problem I am encountering is that X-Lite is throwing a 503 - Service Unavailable Error. We I tried to telnet to the IP and port (5060) I get nothing. This is from inside the network (Locally). I supposed I may need to do something to activate SIP usage on this Asterisk install but I didn’t think so. I already went through the sip.conf.

telnet wouldn’t help anyway for diagnostic purposes, since it’s tcp-based and SIP is a UDP protocol.

service iptables stop

vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables

Just guessing here I do not have asterisknow installed anyplace at this time.