Asterisk fails on DST

Currently, I have asterisk v1.4.18 run on my Fonera WiFi router with a minor glitch (not a problem) that the SayUnixTime(,EST5EDT) announces 1 hour behind my Fonera time. The /etc/TZ file on my Fonera which contains the following string has the correct time:

I sure will appreciate if anyone can help me out to fix this problem.

I am not familiar with the fonera router, but if you could ssh into it and issue date or something to make sure the routers time is correct…

The Fonera time is correct and the asterisk time lags 1 hr after the DST ended last weekend. Also, SayUnixTime() will announce the correct UTC time. It is the new EDT and/or DST that asterisk fails to follow (at least on my Fonera).