Asterisk Failover Switch

hi there

we have two asterisk machines (hosted pbx service), one is primary and other is secondary. what making us confuse is that our client is registered via domain name to our primary server, so we planned if something happens to our primary server we will shift the DNS to our secondary server, but we don’t know how much time it gonna take to shift globally. So we planned to use secondary ip option on client’s ip phones, but it is also an issue, if some client would attempts incorrect login our primary server may block his IP and he will shift to secondary server. if he get registered to 2ndary server, he would not be able to communicate locally with other users who are on the primary server.

So what i am looking for is that what could be good solution to switch on 2ndary server on failover without letting the customer know that they has been shifted to any other server.

Any expert suggestion for my case.

Thanks in advance.

Sohaib Khan

you can use Floating IP
announce your floating IP to the world (clients), with your primary and secondary machines behind the Floating IP

point the domain to your “Floating IP” and share/announce the domain to the clients

please note, this will NOT ensure that your “in-progress” calls will NOT be lost

to achieve hi-availability please use a Load Balancer

thanks umsan let me read more about floating IP


Sohaib Khan