Asterisk failed to read incoming packets

Hi All,

I am facing a problem where asterisk running for some time fails to read new incoming packets. For example I make a call to asterisk and could not find any log/trace in asterisk log about this INVITE.

I am running a tool ‘ngrep’ which records all packets in the eth0:5060. Also in asterisk “sip set debug on”. So normally all packets to and from 5060 are both recorded in asterisk.log(in logger.conf asterisk.log=>*) and ngrep.log.

When asterisk is restarted it works fine. But after running a while and processing a lot of calls I would find asterisk is not responding to new incoming packets. While debugging the situation I found out ngrep.log has the INVITE recorded but inside asterisk.log it is not. Also there are no error message in asterisk regarding this.

Can anybody give me a hint what is wrong.