Asterisk Extensions AEL: OR-operator?


I am routing calls on E.164 but I also need to forward calls with extensions like 911 (lacking E.164).
Is it possible to define OR in pattern matching? I was unable to spot it in the docs.

Thank you.


Hardly anyone uses AEL, but it just compiles to dialplan. As such, you are unlikely to get an answer on the AEL specifics.

The pattern matching in the extension field cannot do ORs, but you can have multiple lines with the same priority, with more specific patterns than the other lines, and you can also use more general regular expression and logical expression processing in explicit If type operations.

Thank you but this means I need to duplicate the code in my dialplan which does not make sense.
A simple pattern after the existing one would have been perfect.

If you code the dialplan directly you don’t necessarily need to duplicate the whole dialplan, just the priorities that differ.

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