Asterisk Events Question - predecessor to Link Event


I have built a Windows Asterisk monitor application that is supposed to pop-up a window when there is an incoming call on the monitored extension.

Based on the caller ID the tool should query a database and if it finds information related to the caller, it displays it on the pop-up window.

The problem I have is that I couldn’t find any event that I could use to do an early call to the database so that the person receiving the call will have information available by the time they pick up the phone.

The first available event I found that has both the incoming number and the receiving extension number is the Link event which gets fired when the user picks up the called extension.

Is there any other event I could use to get the necessary information (both caller ID number and called extension) before the phone is being picked up (i.e. before the Link event)?


There is a Dial Event. Just collect all events and write them to a file and you would see the order.

I am talking about an incoming call from the outside, therefore I don’t have access to the Dial event. It is not a call between two internal extensions, I am talking about an external incoming call to an internal extension.

Sorry, I just realized I was wrong. I found the Dial event you are talking about. I’ll give it a try. Thank you.