Asterisk Environment and Working


Please tell me how to work on asterisk IP-PBX for SIP development.How we setup the Asterisk environment at workplace ?

We are developing SIP applications for call center purposes and we are new to Asterisk.Please tell how asterisk work e.g how the PRI line terminates and how to connect applications with asterisk.

If any pdf or ppt is available regarding asterisk environment and working scenario than plz share with us.



Your best bet is to use google to find info on how to install asterisk and freepbx. Then get a computer and a SIP account and set aside a couple of weeks to play with it. You may also care to download some turnkey solutions like Trixbox, PBX-in-a-Flash and Asterisk-Now.

All the information is already to be found in a multitude of places and google will point you to them.

If, after reading the proper documentation and searching google and forum histories, if you have a specific problem, then post here.

As a starter, I suggest you download CentOS 5.2, install and patch that then go here … centos-5-1 and run through these. Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll find it easier :smile:

I should also add that there are many firms around the globe that do this professionally and will be happy to assist you and/or train you for a fee.

Good luck,

Thanks Sean,

I actually need to know the working scenario of asterisk.We are having call center applications like Dialer and IVR and i am searching for the information on how and where can we terminate PRI line for asterisk PBX(as it is a softswitch) where can we terminate the PRI line coming from outside world.


Oh, sorry for misunderstanding. I thought you were at a more basic level.
I don’t have any experience with PRI, sorry.
For the call centre functionality, take a look at
It look quite good although I haven’t tried to install it yet!

Good luck!

You can terminate a PRI with a card from digium, or there are PRI to SIP boxes out there. … -TDM-Cards

those are some places to start. As for how to work with asterisk, I would read,