Asterisk does not disconnects calls made to landline:

Hi All,

I have installed and configured Asterisk and everything works perfectly well.
I am able to call everywhere using PSTN provider, like, Voice Trading.

However, i am facing a problem that whenever i call to a landline number and the called person hangs up the call, Asterisk does not disconnect.

In short, Asterisk does not disconnects calls made to landline on hang up from the called party.

Please tell me if anybody knows about this.

Thanks in advance.

You have to use one of two systems:
Reverse polarity. If your PSTN provider support RP - then you can use it. You can check this measuring voltage of PSTN line - it should reverse on connect and disconnect.

Your requirement would not be possible in the UK, and may not be possible in your country, because of they way that landline calls are handled in the normal PSTN.

In the UK landline calls are calling party clearing only. The reason for this is to allow the callee to put down one phone and pick up on another phone, on the same line, without losing the call. The UK system will, eventually, clear the call after about 5 minutes.

The other respondent is talking about disconnect supervision. You also need this, but if you have calling party only clearing, it will not help.

In particular, if calls to mobile numbers clear as you expect, you already have disconnect supervision working.