Asterisk dialplan help

Hy people, I am an absolute beginner with asterisk, but now I need to make a specific dialplan for a project that was due yesterday, and I do not have 2 week time to start playing with asterisk. If anyone would be willing to write it for me I would appriciate it very much

The problem is the following:
I have two groups of extensions: _2XX and _3XX. They have conversations that have to be recorded. and the file has to be renamed to CallerReceiverTimestamp().wav
The new filename should be sent to the call participant in the _2XX group in a sip header (SIPAddHeader(msg:…))

If the call participant from group _2XX should redirect the the other one to any other phone (for instance _4XX), he (_2XX) should receive the message with the filename of the file between _3XX and _4XX

I know that it is a little bit complicated, But it would really mean a lot to me if I could get some help on this one.

This would also be the wrong forum, for .conf file programming, but, in any case, it looks to me that the level of support you need and the urgency can only be satisfied by a request on the jobs forum.

For specific questions about .conf programming, you want Asterisk Support, but to get someone to do the whole configuration for you, you need to use the jobs forum.

My problem is that I am expected to do this, and did not have the time to learn how to do it and I can have not been given the funds to hire a freelancer to do it.