Asterisk Crashes Entire Machine

I am running Asterisk 1.2.11 svn rev 40948 on Cent OS with a 4 port Analogue Card (2 phone lines and 2 analogue extensions), I am using a Grandstream Budge Tone 100 handset and a Panasonic Cordless handset attached via one of the analogue ports.

Whenever I call the Microsoft activation service (from the analogue handset) I have to press the # key to proceed, as soon as I press the # key the entire server locks up, the main console freezes, the IP address fails to respond and all the phones stop working (this does not happen if I use the Grandstream Handset for the call).

The only way forward is to do a full reset on the server, once reset I have checked the system logs, nothing is logged from the instant the # key is pressed until the server is restarted.

Has anyone seen this problem before and is there a way to fix it, I have tried many web and forun searches but I cannot find a resolution, apart from this one problem the Asterisk server has been working fine for the last 12 months with no other problems.

Can anyone help with this issue?

I guess the easy answer is to update Asterisk to a more recent version. 2.11 is getting quite old now. It shouldn’t do that anyways but perhaps an update will unbreak it.

Hmmm… Calling MicroSoft.




Sorry I could not resist it.

How was the update?