Asterisk control goip ports


we are trying to make asterisk control GOIP ports by sending port number before dialing (for example 04 + number) will send call to port number 4 in goip, anyway, i wrote a php script to make call rotation (if call comes to port 1 and end the next call will go port 2), it works fine for small number for calls less than 5 but if concurrent call more than 5 something go wrong:

my extension

exten => _X.,1,agi(agi_live.php)
exten => h,1,agi(set_ports_down.php,${callid})

it likely the code will not reach line 2 where we set ports down.

how to force code to continue even if any error occured in line 1?

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This issue is related to your PHP script, If the script works fine with less than 5 calls you should debug what change when you have more than 5


thank you for reply.

it’s not easy to monitor calls, there are currently 50 per sec. anyway, in my php code sometime not complete after execute the line or i think error will come after execute the line below


is there a way to monitor were this error happened?

Enable error reporting on the php.ini file or on your script side, also you can enable Asterisk debug