Asterisk connect to SER

i am a student and i have a project to setup and configure system that

PSTN (phone call) ---- Asterisk (via SIP) ------ SER (i.e. any time
traffic is to be sent/received to/from PSTN, use Asterisk as GW)

Both SER and ASTERISK are in the same LAN.

Now, i can set SER server and Asterisk server completely.
but the problem is “How i connect SER and Asterisk together?”

Please give me the explanation or suggestion to setup.

Thank you very much.

You just need to reroute the calls from SER to asterisk.

Its not really linking, you just need SER to send all the calls to asterisk. (or the calls from asterisk back to SER).

On the asterisk side, this requires no special configurations, for SER you will have to write your routing logic. (try to read a little more on SER, they have a good manual).