Asterisk Configurator

Hi there users,

I was wondering if there was an Asterisk Configurator, like an Excel Spreadsheet that you could use to help in selecting product.

Ie you could enter in the amount and type of lines, handsets, and it would then fill in the required hardware.

Due to the immense scope of possible configurations I know of no such configurator.

Though, if you state your requirements here and wait a few days while you continue to conduct your own research campaign, the community will come up with some sound suggestions.

Thanks for the reply

I come from an telcomunication PABX background, that utilises manufacturers cards in order to take care of the IP switching.

We use configurators based on customers requirements that allow you to put in scenarios and then come up with a suggested product.

I am new to Asterisk and have looked at it only out of interest in all things technology and the premise that the carriers and telcos are robbing us blind and making record profits based on their infrastructure and that there interest is in themselves and not in saving us money.

That is why i am looking at Asterisk as an alternative.

What would i require to create the following

I would like to create a PBX that would support;

Australian PSTN 4 Lines
ISDN BRI 2 Ports
ISDN PRI 10 Channel
SIP and PC compatible
Fax ability
Modems ablility
Remote Support via ADSL or Dial in
IVR and Voicemail
Music on Hold and Paging Interface
Digital Output for Door Phones

Many thanks in advance.