Asterisk Configuration for Voice Nets

I am looking to create Voip voice nets, and was looking at a solution using Asterisk. But I haven’t been able to get very much relevant information. More information here (submitted an ask slashdot to try and get more information, and replied to some users there):

It boils down to a couple of questions:

  1. Can I have a user listen to multiple audio streams at once? Like if there are multiple MeetMe conferences going on, can I have a user select which ones he wants to listen to simultaneously? For example, one “conference” might be a countdown net, and another “conference” a maintenance net, where there isn’t much talk on either so you could listen to multiple at once.

  2. If I can do #1, then I assume that I could set it so the user can select which conference they wish to talk on, correct?

  3. I would like voice nets as described above, I’m assuming that the best way to simulate this would be to have MeetMe conference rooms that are labeled as “countdown net” that people could join as needed. Or is there some other type of meeting room that might be good for this?

  4. Analog interfaces to non-phones, like radios. Is this possible? Have an always open line that just takes whatever audio is coming into it?

Thanks for any help!

After some more research, it looks like the “audiohooks” API might help some…But using that, could I “spyâ€