Asterisk™ Configuration Engine

Many questions about used passwords and where to find them.
I did a brand new installation from Asterisk and changed the manager.conf to meet my login name and password.
Beside this I see a port number 5038 and read that the http server use port 8088.
After using the browser and goto the address I see the openingspage from digium.
The next logical step would be to login and start the configuration, but the login fails with the supplied name and password in the manager.conf file.
I also don’t know if I need to keep in the manager.conf the port 5038 or this must be changed to 8088.
Please let me know what to do to get the login working and what to do if want to use the created database.
This database is created with the USER root, which, I think, need to be changed.

There is no built in web configuration system. All configuration is done by editing files in /etc/asterisk, unless you configure the system to use a database and then you edit entries in the database yourself.

Also the HTTP manager interface is little used and therefore likely to be buggy, and bugs are unlikely to get fixed.

There is only one significant web interface to Asterisk, FreePBX, but that is not for general purpose configuration of Asterisk, but rather provides higher level building blocks, oriented towards, single company, PABX and call centre construction. That is supported by its own forum.

Editing files is no problem as I can read good written documentation and know what I am doing.
Asterisk is running now, but no idea how to make test calls and connect it to other SIP networks for private use only
After open the database, which is not configured within asterisk, I see a user called freepbxuser without any permissions.

I guess it will cost me a lot of time to get things running and maybe better to delete it from my system

Still I don’t know why I can’t open the Digium webpage with username and passwd

If you’re referring to FreePBX, that’s not part of Asterisk and has community forums at

Otherwise there isn’t really a “Digium webpage”.

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