Asterisk conference/transfer

hello all

i want to know how i can configure asterisk with custom buttons for conference/transfer…

for example:
during the talking, i push *1 and the the call move to new line and i can start new call… after this i push *2 for transfer or *3 for conference…


Have a look at features.conf

okay thanks for reply…

; IMPORTANT NOTE: The applicationmap is not intended to be used for all Asterisk
; applications. When applications are used in extensions.conf, they are executed
; by the PBX core. In this case, these applications are executed outside of the
; PBX core, so it does not make sense to use any application which has any
; concept of dialplan flow. Examples of this would be things like Goto,
; Background, WaitExten, and many more. The exceptions to this are Gosub and
; Macro routines which must complete for the call to continue.
; Enabling these features means that the PBX needs to stay in the media flow and
; media will not be re-directed if DTMF is sent in the media stream.