Asterisk.conf - exec

Hi all,

I am trying to use #exec to set a systemname variable in the asterisk.conf but it is not working.

This is the error which I’m receiving by executing asterisk -rv

Cannot perform #exec unless execincludes option is enabled in asterisk.conf (options section)!

This is the asterisk.conf file:

timestamp=yes ; same as -T at startup
execincludes=yes ; support #exec in config files
#exec /tmp/
runuser = asterisk ; The user to run as
rungroup = asterisk ; The group to run as
;lightbackground = yes ; If your terminal is set for a light-colored background
documentation_language = en_US ;
hideconnect = yes ;

OS: CentOS 7
Asterisk 11.25.3 (shame for that :slight_smile: )

How did you end of solving this one?

In the documentation they note that #exec doesn’t work for asterisk.conf