Asterisk Codec for small bandwidth communication

Dear All,

is there any voice codec that make us possible to use small bandwidth (less than or equal to 2kbps)? I read from here, it use small bandwidth for VoIP. where’d I can find this codec, and how to implemented it at asterisk?

thanks before

You might get 2kbps out of LPC10, but the audio quality is horrible. Keep in mind that 2kbps is the raw rate of the codec and you’ll have to factor in things like IP overhead. 2kbps LPC10 will burn about 4kbps actual IP bandwidth each way.

Oh, and LPC10 is already in Asterisk. You’ll just need to make sure your end-point clients can support it (The SIP client X-Lite supports it).

is there any other options beside using LPC10? I need to use it for VoIP via satellite terminal. I need voice codec that can minimize bandwidth usage to reduce costs.

2kpbs is pushing the limits. What is your objection to LPC10? Nothing at that rate is going to sound nice.

You are also going to have to use very packets, increasing the delay over that you already get from the satellite link.