Asterisk & Cisco Phone service unavailable


I recently got an asterisk phone system Zycoo UC50v2 and Cisco 502g phone. This is not the first time i have used the system. However for this particular install with cisco phones randomly Cisco phone will show service unavailable when we try to dial out. Sometimes it works but when it shows the service unavailable message it will stop working for hours or days. I have captured a sip debug trace which can be found out

the users are on local lan and we only have single analogue line to ISP. Any help is appreciated.

Please forgive this question, but since the Zycoo people sold you something, did they offer to provide you with support on the thing they got paid to provide?

It’s rather disheartening when companies sell ($$) things with Asterisk (free) and then those users have to turn to the open source community (not paid/sponsored/supported by Zycoo) for help.

The important bits of the debug are:

e[0K    -- Executing [s@macro-trunkdial-failover:40] e[1;36mDiale[0m("e[1;35mSIP/400-000000e8e[0m", "e[1;35mDAHDI/g1/0563633309,600,Xe[0m") in new stack
e[0K[2017-06-14 14:30:32] e[1;31mWARNINGe[0m[10416][C-000000c3]: e[1;37mapp_dial.ce[0m:e[1;37m2431e[0m e[1;37mdial_exec_fulle[0m: Unable to create channel of type 'DAHDI' (cause 34 - Circuit/channel congestion)
e[0K  == Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/1/0)

Asterisk is trying to dial out the analog interface but can’t. You’ll definitely have to get the Zycoo people to investigate.

thanks for your reply @malcolmd i have emailed zycoo guys today and will wait for your response. i figured in the meantime i will ask in the forum and see if anyone faced the same issue. when going through the log that line stood out to me and i wanted to get a second opinion.

thanks for your quick response.