Asterisk- Calls Getting Disconneted daily at 1.00am sharp

hi everybody i am vijay muddu

i am new to this forum & i am learning asterisk

i have a problem - calls are getting disconnected & some calls are cross connected within the agents at sharp 1.00 am daily for a minute, All agents have to logout & login to resolve the issue, this is happening daily i tried to check the system logs & asterisk logs cant find anything.

i am using goautodail 2.0 & Asterisk RPM

can anybody guide me to resolve the issue.
where can i check what is happening for the problem


That Asterisk is obsolete. Its name also suggests that it has been modified for use with Vicidial. Issues with agents may well be Vicidial related. There are no built in timed activities in Asterisk so the 1 am activity is likely to be the result of either a direct operation by Vicidial or of a chron job installed as part of Vicidial.

read the Asterisk and system logs for that time frame.