Asterisk CallerID/DOD with T1 PRI


I have a T1 PRI with 100 available phone numbers and 9 voice channels. What I want to be able to do is dial out using a specific number. We have assigned DID numbers to everyone in the office. I have a Digium TE120P board and am running Asterisk 1.2. We are using SIP on our inside phone system.

In summation:
1.) Someone makes a call
2.) Asterisk Dials out on the Zap channel using a specific phone umber
3.) The person that answers sees the DID number of the person that dialed.

What is happening now is that all the calls are going out with the first number of our pool no matter what. I’ve tried suing SetCallerID and Set(CALLERID=) but these do nothing.

Any help would be appreciated!