Asterisk, Call not connecting

I have been working on the PJSIP extensions.

The call is not being connected to an asterisk. Get the call request properly but it’s not getting connected.

Herewith attaching a sip/pjsip trace request/log for reference.

sip trace.txt (53.8 KB)

-- Nobody picked up in 60000 ms

The peer accepted responsibility for the INVITE (100 Trying), but never gave any other response, not even Ringing.

If it had given Ringing or progress, I would have said it simply wasn’t answered, but it looks like it might be more fundamentally broken. There is no evidence of anything wrong with Asterisk (or FreePBX). The one caveat to that is if you really expected them to take more than a minute to answer, in which case it is FreePBX that is setting the one minute limit; Asterisk only does what it is told.

Note that you meant endpoint, not extension, as you are not asking on the FreePBX support forum, and if there were a problem with the FreePBX, this is the wrong forum; you want

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