Asterisk Call Manager

On the read and write commands/permissions for the Asterisk manager API, is there any way of registering to receive only messages concerning a certain extension/channel?

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AstManProxy has this functionality.

This is the only thing I have found to do message filtering.

AstManProxy Autofiltering Functionality
168 One of the most powerful features of AstManProxy is its ability to
169 automatically filter output on a per-client basis. It can do this
170 with its Autofilter capability, which can be set ‘on’ in the config
171 file or enabled via the ProxyAction: SetAutoFilter function.
173 With autofiltering enabled, each client only receives output containing
174 the “ActionID” parameter it has set most recently. This is useful
175 for single atomic requests into asterisk from a client, such as
176 when creating a simple UI to inject a command.
178 For example, if a client sends this packet while autofiltering is
179 enabled:
181 Action: Ping
182 ActionID: foo
184 Then the autofilter ActionID for that client is set to foo, and no
185 output besides for responses containing “foo” will be returned
186 to that client, such as:
188 Response: Pong
189 ActionID: foo
191 Replace Ping with Originate and Pong with Success and you can see
192 how this same mechanism can be used to quickly query asterisk
193 box(es), initiate calls, etc, without your client having to worry
194 with filtering a lot of unrelated output.
196 ===================================================================
197 On the astmanproxy.users output filtering functionality
199 Users may now be defined in your astmanproxy.users configuration file.
200 This enables a traditional user/password based login mechanism
201 for Astmanproxy similar to what is found in Asterisk. Output may be
202 filtered on a per-user basis.
204 “user” is the username, secret is the password, and the (optional)
205 channel setting causes filtering of events only for the specified
206 channel to be sent to this user.
208 ; user=secret,channel,out_context (to Asterisk),in_context (From Asterisk)
209 ; steve=steve,SIP/snom190,local,