Asterisk Call Forwarding

I try to configure call forwarding in PJSIP to a external phone 06XXXXXXXX
When i work on SIP the line Dial(SIP/06XXXXXXXX/${tete}) work
but Dial(PJSIP/06XXXXXXXX@${tete}) don’t work and i don’t understand why

Can you help me

You’d need to show the actual console output.

What is ${tete}?

See Dialing PJSIP Channels - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki for dial string formats.


I will explain better

TETE corresponds to the telephone number of my trunk
I need to forward incomming call to another external phone number
I try with :
exten = ${tete},1,GotoIf($[${messagerie} = custom1]?cus1)
same = n,GotoIf($[${messagerie} = custom2]?cus2)
same = n,GoToIfTime(09:00-12:00|mon-fri||?
same = n,GoToIfTime(14:00-18:00|mon-fri||?${tete},ouvert)
;same = n,GoToIfTime(14:00-17:00|wed||?
;same = n,GoToIfTime(08:00-12:00|fri||?_${tete},ouvert2)

same = n,Playback(horaires)
same = n,Hangup

;same = n(ferme),answer()
;same = n,Playback(horaires)
;same = n,Voicemail(1000@default)
;same = n,Hangup

same = n(ouvert),answer()
same = n,Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=1)
same = n,Dial(PJSIP/06XXXXXXXX@${tete})
same = n,hangup

The log of asterisk:
– Executing [_09XXXXXXXX@DID_TETE:7] Answer(“PJSIP/09XXXXXXXX-00000003”, “”) in new stack
> 0x7f6fdc35c7f0 – Strict RTP learning after remote address set to:
> 0x7f6fdc35c7f0 – Strict RTP switching to RTP target address as source
– Executing [_09XXXXXXXX@DID_TETE:8] Set(“PJSIP/09XXXXXXXX-00000003”, “TIMEOUT(digit)=1”) in new stack
– Digit timeout set to 1.000
– Executing [_09XXXXXXXX@DID_TETE:9] Dial(“PJSIP/09XXXXXXXX-00000003”, “PJSIP/06XXXXXXXX@09XXXXXXXX”) in new stack
– PJSIP/09XXXXXXXX-00000003 requested media update control 26, passing it to PJSIP/09XXXXXXXX-00000004
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)

Thanks for yours answers

I don’t see how that worked even in chan_sip, as that would have required either a domain name or peer name (form sip.conf).

It appears to me, from your log, that tete should be set to DID_TETE, but, as I can’t really understand why you put a phone number there, there may well be other details to consider

Does that work if you dial it directly? I mean, can you dial anything out with PJSIP? Or is this a chan_sip → chan_pjsip conversion process in the works, and only inbound calls are working at this time?

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