Asterisk Broadcast Mechanism

Hello, I want to ask how the mechanism when broadcast communication occurs (many endpoints) where each endpoint enters the bridge through the ARI originate (outgoing call) function.
Suppose there are 3 participants in a communication bridge. When one endpoint is talking, how does the mechanism occur? Does the endpoint make 2 packets with the same payload, then sent separately by the endpoint or only send one packet, then the asterisk duplicates the packet as much as n endpoint then sends it to each endpoint registered on the bridge?

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Asterisk sends each participant their own audio stream and packets.

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So the endpoint only sends one data packet to the asterisk server, then the asterisk will duplicate the packet and send it to each endpoint registered on the same bridge.

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Effectively, yes. There is more to it though because in a conference you can’t just duplicate and forward a packet. You have to mix it with anyone else speaking at the same time, while taking care to remove the audio of the channel that is receiving it.

Hello again, so if there are 3 endpoint, lets say endpoint A, endpoint B, endpoint C. Then endpoint A and endpoint B speak at the same time, asterisk will receive to packet from A and B. Asterisk then will process the data, mix the data then send only one packet (mixed data) to C. Is this is right ?

Yes, that is correct.

Except that the packets won’t necessarily be aligned, or the same length, so it will need to handle that as well.

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