Asterisk automatic call announce?

Greetings all…

So i’ve used asterisk a little bit and am gaining familiarity with it. Now I’d like to replicate a cool feature that I saw in another integrated messaging solution…

Essentially what I would like Asterisk to do is, answer a call, please a greeting along the lines of “Hi, blah blah. Please say your name at the tone” wherein asterisk will then initiate an outgoing call to a specified number… when answered the message would be something along the lines of "Hi Steve, you have an incoming call from " <> " do you wish to accept?

and THEN by pressing whatever option, the call is connected.

This was a feature of a solution called WildFire that used to exist in North America; i know it’s a bit of a stretch from what i’ve seen so far, but does anyone know if this is achievable using Asterisk?



Oh yessssssssssssss I know Wildfire, I rolled it out in the UK for Orange…

What you want to do is possible , to mimic wildfire exactly you need the Lumenvox speech rec package and using a mixture of announce and accept options in the dial plan, It would be possible to do it without the speech rec bit if each user had a defined number that calls came in on.



as i write this, i am putting you in my will, and preparing to have your babies.

Care to discuss this? (not the babies part) if you know of WildFire well i would love to recreate it’s functionality. if the speach recognition part were possible that would be beyond cool.

I had a wildfire account back in Canada and i loved it. Unfortunately the provider there went out of business leaving me wildfireless.

Let me know if you’d be interested in a project (with pay)