Asterisk Autodialer + MP3 Deliverability


My company does a lot with musician fan clubs and such and we’ve been looking into doing phone message delivery for some time but are finally getting around to showing a real interest.

What we’re looking to do:

We collect phone information when a fan signs up for a fan club. We’ll have someone come in and record a message. Then we’d like to set the autodialer loose and deliver the artists message to anyone that answer or if possible leave a voicemail. We’d also love to have the ability to log activity and see how many answers and incompletions we’ve had on a campaign.

My Questions:

Is asterisk the right solution for us?

What hardware (outside of a computer) do we need to get this started?

Is this something a remote developer could set up for us (without hiring a local)?

Would it be cheaper in the long run to outsource this service to a company that already provides this service?


I’ve spent 2 days reading through these forums and seen how many others are using Asterisk and it looks pretty freakin’ cool. Personally I do a lot of LAMP development on the web side and know just enough about Linux to get around and keep the box on it’s feet but I’m still unclear about the Asterisk technology.

We’ve got some old (but good cond.) iMac G3’s which would be perfect (I believe) for starting up this service and we’ve got 2 T1’s coming into the office which should be plenty of bandwidth to do the calling.

The system will be 100% opt-in/opt-out and we’d never dream of pissing off clients fans.

I appreciate any help you guys can give me.


Well you got few out there now
one of the first guys is Mike Sharp… he has few sites… is close to your needs…(he has a asterisk

two other sites (both Mike’s) which may fit into your plans