Asterisk auto-call

Dear all,
I bought a TDM400 card installed on the system in the CentOS4.4 Asterisk1.6 successfully installed a total of 3 packages, asterisk-1.6, libpri, zaptel, are installed successfully, load the driver
modprobe zaptel, modprobe-r wctdm, modprobe wctdm command was successful in all
Now I want to implement a function as follows:
Time call my cell phone number, the call is answered in the recording operation, the call to end the recording has ended.
To achieve this function does what work needs to be done?
Help me please.

Best regards.

I think you need to read up :wink:

can you explain in detail , what you want to do.

are you looking for voice broadcast or some other . little bit elaborated query will help to suggest a solution