Asterisk as SIP registrar for CMR Cloud

Hi Folks,

I’m a complete noob here so I’m sure my question will be easily answered. I’m testing Cisco webex CMR cloud at the moment, one of the prerequisites for video conferencing endpoints to connect to the CMR cloud is that you must have a SIP gatekeeper/registrar on your own corporate network, enter asterisk.

I’m looking to use Asterisk as the SIP gatekeeper/registrar for my video conferencing unit endpoints but I’ve no clue about how to configure this as SIP is completely new to me.

The CMR cloud provider I’m dealing with is as useful as a one armed trapeze artist with an itchy arse and even getting an email response from them is a struggle.

so my question is what are the components I need to configure in Asterisk in order to configure it as a SIP gatekeeper/registrar t work with the CMR cloud. Any help or guide books at this stage would be useful.

thanks in advance

btw I have the IP address ranges and URL’s for the CMR cloud

I don’t think is a question that is easily answered, as your use case is clearly pretty specific.

Speaking in general terms only, you can use Asterisk merely as a registrar, although not being designed for that purpose, you may find that there are some things that it tries to do for you that you don’t want it to, and some things that it doesn’t do that you would like it to do.

Anyway, if I were approaching the problem, I would go with something like the following:

  1. Use Asterisk 13 with PJSIP. This lets you slim down the SIP stack to only providing the functionality you need.
  2. Configure Asterisk’s modules.conf to only load the modules you need. That means not loading most of the res_pjsip_* modules, save for the base modules (such as res_pjsip itself) and - since we want Asterisk to act as a registrar - res_pjsip_registrar.
  3. Configure Asterisk to store the information regarding the registrations in a database. That means using Asterisk realtime with sorcery. In particular, you’ll need the ps_contacts table to store the contacts objects, as that is what will be created when endpoints register with Asterisk.

From there, it’s mostly all about setting up PJSIP endpoints/aors, and pointing the phones to Asterisk. They will be able to register with Asterisk, and Asterisk will store their contacts in the ps_contacts table. Making other systems use that information is beyond the scope of the registrar’s duties, and will be up to you to integrate it with the “CMR cloud”.