Asterisk as inbound call centre

I have been searching the forums to find an answer to my questions, but haven’t succed. please forgive me if it has been asked before…


My copmany has 2 office One in chicago and 2nd is Ahmed Abad (INDIA).
IN US we have 2 Toll Free No for customer support.

I want to divert the call that receive on (Toll Free No) in USA, I want to receive these call at here on softphone/computer In INDIA Office.

a. Call Waiting Feature must be available
b. All Call centre or atleast maximum call centre features required…

Q1. Does Asterisk Provide these features?
Q2. How and What are the Procedure to implement it.?
Q3. Is there any diffrence B/w GUI and Command Line configuration ??
Q4. Is there any Tutorial for establish Call Centre with Asterisk??

In short i want to estalish small call centre…


Thanks in Advance to all.


US Toll Free ringing to India. We do this all day long for small and large call centers, worldwide.