Asterisk as Gatekeeper

Hi All,

I wanted to setup asterisk as a Gatekeeper to route calls only Over IP to
the carriers, i will not use any ZAP/SS7/TDM or IVR.
Here is what i want to do in asterisk

  • User Registration
  • Routing Calls to carriers Over IP
  • Call counting via PERL AGI
  • Codec translation with G729, if required according to end user and

This Asterisk configuration i want to run on Virtual Server, with 1 GB
dedicated RAM. But the bandwith is still not decided.

Please give me an idea for 200 cuncurent calls on these configuration, how
many badwith required? Is Virtual Server will be enough to do this Job?

Thank You
VoIP Community

Hi all,

Any suggestion? :unamused:

Thank You
VoIP Community