Asterisk as a Microphone Mixer?

Is there any merit in the pursuit of using Asterisk to control or switch a number of mics in a Public Address context?

The attached PDF diagram explains better my question than me writing a great tome.

This definitly is not the thing that Asterisk was built for. But I think that if you can get the gateways to transform microfone signals in VoIP/SIP calls, Asterisk can handle the calls (in the borders of telephony features that it supports). But I think that you will find the first snag in the gateways.


none what so ever, cost and quality make it a non starter, as you will alos need these as well.

Thanks gentlemen for taking the trouble to reply.

My fears were concerning feedback and latency.
I didn’t intent to give access outside of my LAN.
The analogue to digital gateway is only £150 and I have a spare one to play with.
I just need to make it think that the mic is an analogue telephone,

Thanks again

And to do that will cost you £250 or there abouts.

if what you are trying to do is broadcast a meeting then use the dts unit from an output of your mixer desk.

It really is just a simple PA system to mix 6 or 8 mics and a couple of CD drives in the server. Connecting mics is not an issue.

I just wanted to try to do it using Asterisk so that the whole thing could be controlled remotely on a wireless laptop.

But I’m told that Asterisk can only adjust volume before a connection is made not while it is operating, is that so?

Thanks for your forbearance. JK