Asterisk as a Housekeeping Interface between Cisco UCM 11 and ResortData RDPWin

Hi everyone, I’m totally new to Asterisk and IP Telephony actually. Thanks for accepting my request to join the community.

I’m working in a hotel with up 400 rooms each with a Cisco SIP 7811 or 7912 and controlled by Cisco UCM owned by another company. My company only does hospitality services (food and beverages, rentals, housekeeping and maintenance) using ResortData RDPWin v4.

RDPWin has an interface program compatible with several pbx to receive houseekeping room status (Avaya via DuVoice software, Hitachi, Mitel, Inter-tel, Iwatsu, NEC, Nevotek, Samsung, Tadiran) through TCP/IP or COM.

Since every phone here is managed by Cisco UCM, could it be possible to make asterisk work as a bridge between Cisco UCM and our Interface program and how?

No need to be so specific, I’ll try my best but just need an answer to know if I’m on the right path.

Any advice would be sincerelly apreciated.


Ponciano R. Dicochea

UCM will talk SIP to Asterisk. I generally only handled the Asterisk side, not the Cisco side, so I don’t know all the fine details.

It may also talk “Skinny” but we never tried that.