Asterisk and ZingoTel

I’ve searched and searched and haven’t been able to find any information on setting up ZingoTel in Asterisk. Has anyone done it? If so, would you mind sharing your configuration?


after having the same problem I found some link to setup a different service and applied the settings to my own

I’m using *@Home 2.0 so in AMP this is the settings for the Trunk that I needed to setup:

Outgoing Settings:
Trunk Name: zingotel


incoming settings
User Context:
User Details:



Also I needed to edit my SIP.CONF manually and add ‘defaultexpirey=600’ to the general section otherwise Asterisk would give me errors when trying to register saying something along the lines that “Interval was too Brief” with an error code I don’t remember, think 403, or 503, or 603, I don’t remember

The ONLY problem I’ve been having while setting this up is calls coming IN from zingotel can NOT access any menu options as it seems the DTMF codes are either not making it to asterisk or asterisk is not recognizing them. I’m new to * so I’ve been pulling my hair out with this trying all different DTMFmodes, I’m about to write their technical support department to see if maybe they will tell me what DTMF mode and codecs they support. But I figured I’d wait till my SPA-300 arrives and look at its settings to see what its preconfigured with as I’m not so sure if I start asking questions they will wonder why I’m setting up a HOME PBX and have residental plan, they might think I’m trying to do business type work off a residental plan, which is a violation of their TOS, when in reality I just thought it would be “cool” or geeky or whatnot to have a home pbx.

Anyways, hope this helps gets u started, like I said, it accepts incoming calls and with a correctly configured route it makes out going calls as well, but I’m assuming u can figure that part out