Asterisk and Visual Voicemail

Hello there,

I am new to asterisk and a bit lost with all that infos and docs and hope someone can give me some insights/infos on the topic I am interested in.

I am having an interest in visual voicemail/vvm (Server and client side). I know so far, that vvm is not yet supported with asterisk and would like to know if there are any plans to realize that, e.g. based on the recommendations here omtp-vvm-recommendation or something similar. A short senctence about omtp-vvm is that it realizes vvm based on a modified imap protocol. It is a recommendation, not a real standard.

What exists, is an Android-Implementation of something like vvm names AsteriskVM based on the asterisk-recording-interface (dunno what that is, haven’t really found that term in the asterisk docs).

I would like to hear some opinions and if something like that is planned. And some clarifications, what the real asterisk-feature name of what they call the asterisk-recording-interface is, so that I can read about that in the docs.



Digium has no plans to implement that Open Mobile Telephone Platform recommendation paper - we’ve not implemented anything else they’ve ever published. Do you know if that paper is finding its way in to an actual RFC related to SIP and messaging?

I’m not aware of anyone in the community having undertaken that project either.

The Asterisk Recording Interface was something done by littlejohnconsulting, which now appears to be defunct/gone.


Omtp does not state anything on their website like “working on a draft”. A search at the IETF site didn’t bring up any omtp related info. So the answer seems no.
As SIP-signalling does not have a standard way to request/transmit voicemail-inbox-metainfo, perhaps the whole thing is something, the world doesn’t really need.

Thanks a lot for your info,