Asterisk and Samba for soho server

I’m planning on setting up asterisk and samba… as a PDC and VOIP PBX on the same server, for a soho of 7 users…

Question is what kind of resource (Proc. RAM and Storage) should i prepare to run on, how demanding are the processes…



The best thing to do is have look here: … +Telephony

which has a whole section on sizing. Also, it is recommended that when running an Asterisk server in a production environment that it be on a dedicated server. Remember, Asterisk is a realtime process that requires resources when it needs them. It is even strongly recommended to run Asterisk on a headless Linux box (ie - no X Server) as well.

I have installed asterisk-1.2.5 in my debian 3.1 with gnome P4 1.7 GHz, 256 MB RAM
40 GB HD and it works well, it support video call but it is not doing concurent call and very seldom to have 2 or more concurrent calls . I have registered 40 SIP users.

Now i am interested with this Headless Linux Box that is without x server.

am i correct as i think without X server means no TERMINAL COMMAND LINE?
or what it means?

and how to install asterisk with this Headless Linux Box?
any link?

Thank you

The quickest way to remove ‘the head’ would be for your Linux box to always boot into runlevel 3. That way X is not loaded.

Using Asterisk as a PDC or fileserver sounds like a bad idea to me. But I’m not familiar with how much the Samba PDC service will tax the system. Probably not much but use at your own risk. Fileserver DEFINITELY a bad idea.

ok thank you very much

I was also considering using my Asterisk server for both PBX and fileserver functions. We have a screaming fast machine with all of the bells and whistles, and our office is only 8 users and 4 trunks. Please let us know if you are able to get both functions working without any issues.

This shouldn’t be that hard. Just install both servers and setup them as usual.

another thought - if you have a dual-proc machine, you can set the zaptel drive affinity to use one processor exclusively for interrupts, and everything else (nic, hard drives, etc) to use the other.

we are headed this route with our dell 2850’s.

this doesn’t alleviate the process CPU usage (i don’t believe you can set the CPU affinity for individual processes - correct me if i’m wrong) but this might be a step in the right direction for some of us.

my $0.02.

i guess it all depends on the kind of use your samba install is going to get, and how much processor time is going to be required for the data throughput. personally, i wouldn’t baulk at running samba on most of my Asterisk installs, mainly 'cos i overspec the box for a bit of future-proofing.

look at installing ClarkConnect as the base, then Asterisk on top. lots of software (which you don’t have to have running) and easy to configure.

for the record, my home server is a single AMD 2800+, 1Gb, and is running web, email, samba, asterisk, NTP, TFTP, ZoHo VO, TwonkyVision and captures output from a couple of CCTV cameras too. yeah it’s busy, and is asked to only handle 3/4 calls max at any one time, but stability and performance on all fronts is superb.

Thanks, bacon.

Once we have our Asterisk running the way we like, I will attempt to add the Samba file server. It’s very rare that anyone actually accesses a file, and we’ll never be handling more than 4 calls, so I don’t expect many problems. When we grow (I hope), we can look into splitting into two servers.

I’ll post my results once we have it running.