Asterisk and OpenStage Phones


I’m a newby with asterisk and I try to get 2 OpenStage Phones (one 40 and one 60) work.
I run asterisk on a rasperrypi with FreePBX.
Both Phones are registered on the server and shown as online. On the phone itself all error messages disappeard and when I pick up the phone I can hear the free sign.

I configured 2 extensions in asterisk one ist 1001 and the second 1002 - these are also the terminal numbers on the phones.
When I try to call the other phone nothing seems to happen, but the CPU goes directly to 100% and falls to 0% by hangin up.

I tried to tail the logfiles but did not see anything that makes sense to me.

Can anyone please help me?

br Stefan

Not without the log files. Also, this forum is not a good place for debugging FreePBX installations, there is too much cryptic FreePBX dialplan coding.


How di I get the correct logfiles? I’m olny calling internal, so no dial plan or trunk is defined.

br Stefan … nformation