Asterisk and kamailio BLF only blink one light busy led!


hi, i try to follow the how to in the wiki and configure my two
only phones…

but for any states only one led its blinking, the busy state… no
other state work, (if i connect directly to asterisk all work
perfeclty, i using asterisk 13 with kamailio 4.4.4)

also read the archived but
no luck

wht happened with that how to? it’s different for asterisk if are
integrated? do i need a pjsip asterisk event the oldes chan?

see that in presense module parameters, the server address said that
value of Contact header filed for 200 OK replies to SUBSCRIBE and
PUBLISH and in NOTIFY messages

umm if i have integrated and working asterisk (relatime mode) with
kamailio, that address muswt be asterisk? taking in cosideration that
i have a route rule said that send auth to asterisk and trust any
incomming from it?



Asterisk doesn’t use PUBLISH for this. The device needs to subscriber to the hints and Asterisk will send NOTIFY messages. Also, you can’t just use the Kamailio Presentity module without understanding that it because where devices must pull information from. So Asterisk would need to send it to Kamailio and then Kamailio would issue the NOTIFY, etc.

It seems like you’re not passing the NOTIFYs from Asterisk to the devices or passing the SUBSCRIBEs from the devices back to Asterisk. This all just needs to pass through Kamailio unless you’re going to do things directly on Kamailio. If you’re doing that you need to look at how to handle those transactions cleaner.

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