Asterisk and Innovaphone

On our current system, I have a Innovaphone IP 3000 (V5.01 sp4-hotfix1 IP3000[07-5993], Bootcode[322], HW[110] 4096/16384) which is currently connected to our Index PBX.

I’m in the middle of building a new Asterisk PBX to replace this, but in the meantime is there any way I can connect the Asterisk to the Innovaphone as it doesn’t have any options for SIP.

At the moment, when a user makes a call it is routed through the Innovaphone to either the outside world to another of our offices which have the same setup.
What I’d like to do if possible is to replace the PBX with the Asterisk box.

Eventually the system will be just the Asterisk box, but I’m waiting for new telephones lines to be installed.