Asterisk and gtalk delay

Hey all!

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I’m having a delay when i make outbound calls with Google. The delay is when the other end starts to ring. Please see below the output of asterisk -r command. Any suggestions to resolve?

2:01:35 Called Gtalk/rg######/
2:01:47 Gtalk/ is ringing

Looks like a Google issue to me.

Delays calling PSTN numbers are typically the result of some stage on the route having a difference between the minimum and maximum possible length for the number dialed.


Does it matter that the call is faster when using the google app on the iphone (same network)?

I don’t know a lot about the Google support in Asterisk, but you would have to provide rather more detailed debug output to find the difference. Other protocols provide details of what is sent to the wire.

It is possible that the protocol allows incomplete numbers to be sent and your dial plan is causing it to indicate the number is incomplete.