Asterisk and door phone


Probably to connect to Asterisk the on-door speakerphone and an electronic door-lock?

It depends on if it is an actual phone or just a mic and speaker. I doubt if you can activate the door lock without using some form of hardware relay.

mic and speaker

I doubt if you can activate the door lock without using some form of hardware relay.

On it I also ask, whether there is what a hardware solution of a problem

The fact that you need to ask suggests to me that you need to replace the entry phone with a PABX compatible one, that is operated by DTMF. This will not be restricted to Asterisk.

Asterisk has no specific support for this.

A random example, from Google, is:

We have used both Protalk ones and 2n ones, both very good and work with out any issues


I agree with david55 that hardware needs to be added, though not necessarily where he suggests. I have seen some multifunction IP-interfaced intercom/paging systems that also have a relay circuit in them. You may be able to leave your door hardware alone and wire such a unit to the existing speaker/mic/and door latch instead of replacing what is on the outside.

You need to adapt the signal levels, and call signalling as well. If you have some competence in electronics, and access to the circuit diagram for the existing system, and your time is cheap, you could create an interface for the existing system. However, I would hazard a guess that someone capable of that wouldn’t have asked the question in this form.

very big price solution

ex.: … C7C1AC4028

The market is relatively small and tends to be blocks of flats, multi-tenanted offices blocks, or hotels. Development costs are spread over relatively few sales, and the cost per user is likely to be rather small.

What is your application?

I use this, POE, Doorstrike outputs etc… … index.html