Asterisk and Diameter

Hi everyone,

(first, I’m french , sorry for my english :wink: )

I tried to find out if Diameter is natively support by Asterisk ? I’m currently building a Diameter server (based on traffix stack) for AAA on services based activity but all in real time. My goal is to ensure AAA between 2 Xlite phones through this server using asterisk. So I would manage balances for each account and generate my own CDR from this system rather than using what Asterisk could provide.

Basicaly, I want to test if I could terminate a comunication from my Diameter server, or launch a specific action with a particular AVP to asterisk, like sending a prereccord message 1 minute before balance of an account reachs’ 0.

I havn’t found any relevant information about Asterisk and Diameter, and I want to be sure about chosing Asterisk before triing to install anything. :smile:

Could you give me information about Diameter with Asterisk, Could I configure it as a Diameter peer (like a classic SCP), how it works (like a proxy, or just as a simple Diameter peers), anything :smile:

Best regards ! :mrgreen: