Asterisk and conferencing LCS 2005


Im a kind of newbie here in asterisk community, and Im really not aware of everything what you can do with asterisk.

Before Im trying to do any more than I have done this far, I would like to ask a question.

Is it possible to use asterisk as a conference server for LCS 2005 Office communicator clients? this is only thing, what I really need. Voice is priority one for conferencing, but it would really be nice to have also videocalls.

Can this be done, and the most important question is how?

I have build asterix for fedora core 4, and managed to get it up. I have build zaptel ztdummy device and it should be working, at least it is installed as module. But how can I connect with the Office Communicator client to asterisk?

As I said before, everything what I need is conferencing with audio (+ perhaps video), no PSTN integration or so.

Could some one help me out of this? I think that this is something what is need for a large group of people, not just me.

Thanks in advance.

Any ideas? or something which might help me?

still in stuckā€¦