Asterisk and Cisco hardware help

Hello…I’m new to Asterisk (and IP telephony in particular). I see Asterisk looks like an incredible package, however I’m not sure about hardware compatibility.

We have a Cisco 2851 with the Cisco call manager software, but was wondering if it’s possible to install Asterisk on the Cisco device to replace call manager?

Basically the 2851 w/call manager is a paperweight with 70 Cisco phones at this point because we inherited the system without docs or support. Maybe should just cut our losses and sell the Cisco or go another route?

Any help would be appreciated…thanks:)

You cannot install asterisk onto the callmanager system,
but you can install asterisk on a new server and “possibly” use the cisco phones with the asterisk system. Does the cisco system even work? you can also connect the two systems together and put people on the asterisk system to pass through the cisco out to the rest of the world. You will have alot of reading ahead of you. You could also call a Cisco vendor and have them configure the system for you. Or you can call an Asterisk vendor and have them set it up for you and show you how to admin it. If you want to do it all yourself then this is the book to read:
Order yours at

Hi Riddlebox…thanks for the quick response…To answer your question…yes the Cisco system works fine…it was only in service for 8 months, however we ended up with the assets of another company. We already have a PBX but were looking at options with this Cisco system.

Thanks for the reading references too…I suspsected that we would need a reliable intel or other hardware to run Asterisk on…just was curious because someone had mentioned that we could use CIsco too, but I think they meant phones and not the actual 2851.

Thanks again:)