Asterisk and Call Screening

Hello hi,

I’m new into asterisk world, and I want to known how to use call screening service into asterisk.
I used voicemail service and now I wish to work on call screening. At link I see that this service must be implemented by yourself in the dial plan.

What is difference between Incoming Call Screening and Outgoing Call Screening?

Thanks for your time


Hi all,

I see an example for my call screenig service at link … 5&Itemid=2 but does’t work!!

Can you help me???

Thanks :frowning:

not sure why you would want outbound call screening !!

re the inbound, post your config here, the one you linked too isn’t quite right, and post your Asterisk log file for an incoming call.


now I am looking this simple example at link (Example 2)

I have replaced SetVar with Set because SetVar is deprecated.

Please, if you succed and make it working, post it.
I wait for your answer.


which example ? there are quite a few on that page.

i asked for your config so we can fix it. the examples you’re following obviously must have worked for the developer. either you’ve coied it wrong, or you’ve made a mistake elsewhere, or there is a bug in the example … either way, you need to post what you are attempting to get working.


I want to use with asterisk a call screening service. I try on internet an example but I don’t know as work it.

If you have an example on this service, post it.


you’re not understanding what i’m saying. this isn’t a “this is what i want, someone give me the code” thing, it’s a “this is what i have but doesn’t do what i want, how can i make it better” thing.

the wiki exists to enable you to try the examples, perhaps improve them, and maybe even post your changes.

you show some willing with attempting to implement a feature yourself, and the posters here will respond with all sorts of goodies. just expecting to be spoon-fed configs often isn’t going to work. i have no desire for a call-screening service, but i’ll happily debug yours if you post it.