Asterisk and Avaya phones


I have install Asterisk Now server and I am able to make call between two extensions using XLite SoftPhones.


I want to use Avaya phone instead of SoftPhone.

Please provide information regarding Avaya Phone Configuration with Asterisk Now.



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This is not an Asterisk now forum.

Avaya seem to sell proprietary handsets as well as IP ones. Asterisk can only work with handsets that follow open standards. I can’t actually quickly confirm that the Avaya IP phones use open SIP standards. Also, although I don’t know if this is the case with Avaya, some SIP handsets require provisioning servers that are only available as part of a PABX from their original supplier. In any case, you need to identify the handsets that you are trying to interface.

A quick Google didn’t bring up any reports of interfacing Avaya phones with Asterisk. Whilst I can’t be certain that this is not possible, I think you have to consider that as a possibility.

Incidentally, please note that this is a peer support forum, so there is no guarantee that you will get a definitive answer.

Hi David,

Thanks for reply.

I have tested the required the functionality I need in CRM using Xlite Soft Phones.

If Avaya do not have phone with SIP account support then could you please provide which phone to purchase.

Digium phone with Asterisk Now will provide required solution?

Where I can buy these phone and need cost information.


How to configure these phones with Asterisk Server.

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