Asterisk and Addpac AP1100F


I am a newbie and have just started learning about VoIP and minutes trading.

I have a VoIP Gateway, model AP1100F with 8 FXO ports.
In each FXO port, I have connected a GSM gateway that calls using SIM-cards.

I want to use this equipment to accept calls from buyers of minutes via the Internet. The AP1100F is H.323 compatible.

[Client] --> [Asterisk] --> [AP1100F] --> [GSM gateway]


  1. What H.323 client can I use to make a test call and see if the gateway is correctly configured? The clients I have tried only makes it possible to call an IP-address, but I need to specify both the IP-address to my gateway and also the phone number I want to call.

  2. Can you recommend any inexpensive or opensource/freeware billing software for Asterisk?

Thank you for any advise.

Best regards,

Paul Smith Jr.