Asterisk and a 1 button doorphone

Good day people!

Recently I started messing with Asterisk in order to get my 1 button (mic/speaker/camera) door phone working. Unfortunately I’m very new to this and I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve tried looking for general directions but I found nothing that pointed me in the right direction, quite possibly because I wasn’t looking in the right place. So if all this info is out there, I’m sorry.

I set up Asterisk on my NAS and I used the GUI (SVN–rexported) to configure it all. I set up two soft phones on two pc’s in my LAN and they work perfectly. Now I’m trying to configure Asterisk to call these two soft phones when the button on the door phone is pressed. The idea is to install these soft phones on two wall mounted tablets later on (one upstairs, one downstairs).
The door phone itself came without much instructions unfortunately, aside from “this is the LAN plug, this is where you feed it 12v” :unamused: . It has an ip address on my network and it seems to be running Windows CE.

Now, is it possible to hook this all up with the info I have? If not, what would I need?
Any help is greatly appreciated!


End of Life for 1.4.x was the Saturday that has just passed! The end of life version for 1.4.x was 1.4.44, so it is reasonable to assume that version has 100s of bugs which have since been fixed.

You haven’t provided enough information about the doorphone. Even a brand and model number might help.

You will need to ask on a forum about your (un-named) GUI to find out how to ring two phones at once. For Asterisk itself, you do Dial(device1&device2).

As long as the doorphone is a SIP phone and there is some way of getting it to generate an INVITE when the button is pressed, it should be do-able.

Thank you for your reply!

I managed to upgrade and now I have version running along with AMS as a gui.

I found a model number on the doorphone: ZAD216-8C. It seems to be designed to be used with a set of monitors of the same manufacturer. I hope this doesn’t mean it’s a proprietary system that can’t be set up the way I’d like… I couldn’t find any technical data aside from this:

ZAD216-8C Functions: using TCP/IP network protocol, high-definition color wide-angle cameras, dynamic touch-key, high-grade acrylic panel, slim design video calling, conversation and intercom with inside units, guard station, etc door releasing, monitoring IR camera keeps monitoring during daytimes and night times also, and keeps records automatcally Match with home automation center as 1& 2; 1& 3; Simple installation Function as outdoor unit for villa, Functions as a duplex confirmation in a TCP/IP system

I’ll try to find the manufacturer and see if they’re willing to send me more info.